Ipreneur Startup Accelerator is a unique program designed to assist startups by identifying their operational gaps and develop a customised plan to assist them achieve their goals and make an impact in the market. Through Ipreneur’s extensive pool of successful entrepreneurs and investors, startups are provided with the necessary tools and resources to prepare them to become investable.


The vision of Ipreneur is to identify and build an army of 100x startups in building the new age economy.


To create a competence-based platform to enable the Start-up to leapfrog to the highest potential orbit .


Accelerator Overview


The Ipreneur Accelerator program is a well-structured and methodical 12-week program that provides startup owners with a comprehensive range of support services. Our program offers top-quality mentorship from industry experts, market connections with our established network of industry partners, networking opportunities with peers across various domains, funding from one of the fastest-emerging angel networks, and a host of additional resources. The program culminates in multiple Ipitch events that help put startups on the fast track to growth.

Infopace Management Private Ltd

Infopace Management Private Ltd is a company that specializes in strategic Change Management and Innovation. They have been operating for 24 years and focus on building innovative architectures with disruptive models of change such as smart city projects and agricultural corridors. The company has a strong commitment to CORE Values and finding creative solutions for unresolved problems, which allows them to innovate possibilities for organizations and teams.

Over the past decade, Infopace has become a leading firm for startups across Karnataka by providing mentorship, investment, co- working space, and government liaison. Our vision is to be a catalyst for startups that create exponential value and social change. We have incubated over 230 ideas across Karnataka, building startup ecosystems, and are an accredited advisor for SIDBI, Udyami Mitra portal for entrepreneurship and digitalisation, and a partner to Quality Control of INDIA (QC) with the ministry of MSME for Zero Defect Zero effect (ZED) awareness in 9 states of India in the manufacturing sector. Additionally, we have affiliations/associations with Government and Industry bodies such as FKCCI, BOIC, AIMO, etc.

Chairman's Message

“We are here to connect the need of the startups at deeper level. Previously, Ipreneur was able to give a precise understanding to see the shortest low-cost effectiveness approach towards reaching the customer and ensuring 10x growth to see in a strategic way. Ipreneur is focusing on identifying 2.5% of the customers who gives 80% of the revenue. Preparing KPIs for startups to measure whether they’re going on the right track.”

Core Team

Kishor Jagirdar


Dr. Anant R Koppar

Prof. TVP Chowdry

Namratha Vijaykumar

Avneep Mehta

Srihari Bhat

Sriram Sundaravadanan

Ramesh Maganti

Nanjunda Pratap Palecanda

Madhu Sudhan Guni

Nitin Sood

Gopal Rao Addanki