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Our Programs

Ipreneur Incipiens

Incipiens is a structured 12 weeks program for Startups who are at a MVP stage and trying to scale up to the next level. Ipreneur not only helps them to attain the Product Market Fit but also help the Startups through our unique program to become investable upto the tune of $250K.

UP TO $250k

Ipreneur Crescendo​

Crescendo is for Startups who are beyond the MVP stage and establishing themselves in the Market. Startups who are seeking the guidance in terms of Mentorship, access to Market Penetration and Expansion including Strategic Investment are eligible for this program.

UP TO $250k-$2M

Ipreneur Summitas

Summitas is for mature Startups who are already established in the Market and seeking exponential growth through fast acceleration. Ipreneur supports such startups through our established Investment channels and Robust Startup Ecosystem (Diverse Network, Global Market access and Excellent Mentorship).


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Application Process


Once we receive the applications, a thorough screening process will commence to select the most suitable startups that match our program's criteria.


The selection pitch is an opportunity for each startup to showcase their strengths and demonstrate how they align with our program's objectives.


The deadline for applications for each cohort is strictly enforced, and we advise all interested startups to submit their applications as early as possible.

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