Once we receive the applications, a thorough screening process will commence to select the most suitable startups that match our program's criteria. The review will be comprehensive and consider a range of factors, including the startup's business model, market potential, team, and alignment with our program's goals.


The selection pitch is an opportunity for each startup to showcase their strengths and demonstrate how they align with our program's objectives. During this stage, our panel of experts will evaluate each startup and make a final determination of which ones will be selected for the program.


The deadline for applications for each cohort is strictly enforced, and we advise all interested startups to submit their applications as early as possible. This is because we have limited seats available, and we evaluate each application carefully and thoroughly before making a final decision.

Selection Criteria

A revenue generating startup with a minimum operational duration of six months

A validated Proof of concept

Revenue generating startup

A Minimum Viable Product (MVP) successfully launched into the market

The start-up must have a DPIIT (Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade) registration.

The startup should have the potential to grow rapidly with 2x to 10x

A strong and committed founding team with complementary skills, experience, and expertise is a must to take part in the Startup Accelerator Program.

Start-ups applying may be registered under either of the following forms of a business entity: Private Limited Company  (under The Companies Act, 2013) OR Registered Partnership Firm(under The Indian Partnership Act, 1932)

A Limited Liability Partnership (under The Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008) OR A Commercial Establishment in any other form allowed by Government of India laws or as notified in the Official Gazette.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Ipreneur Startup Accelerator program provides startup Founders with the opportunity to gain access to funding opportunities from our In house Angel Investment wing (Infowise Startup Catalyst) $50K upto $250K and from $250K upto $5Mn and more from our aggregated network of investors.
Our program helps entrepreneurs refine their business models, build their networks, and establish relationships with potential investors. We provide them with the necessary skills, resources, tools and guidance to create a compelling pitch and a solid business plan that attracts investors.

Our startup accelerator program offers three levels of engagement tailored to the specific needs of each startup.
The program covers: a) Level1 – INR 1 lakh (+GST 18%) for Startups seeking Investments upto $250K
b) Level 2 – INR 6 lakhs (+GST 18%) for Startups seeking Investments between $250k-$2Mn
c) Level 3 – INR 12.5 lakhs (+GST 18%) for Startups seeking Investments above $2Mn

At Ipreneur Accelerator, we welcome startup ideas from any industry or domain that addresses an unresolved problem in the market. We believe that innovative ideas can come from anywhere, and we encourage entrepreneurs to think outside the box.
Our program is designed to be domain agnostic, meaning that we do not limit our focus to specific industries or sectors. Instead, we evaluate startup ideas based on their potential to solve a problem and create value in the market.
Our team of experienced mentors and industry professionals have a diverse range of backgrounds and expertise, enabling us to provide customized guidance and support for a wide range of startups.
At Ipreneur Accelerator, we believe that innovation knows no bounds. We are passionate about supporting entrepreneurs with creative and impactful ideas that can make a difference in the world. So, if you have an idea that solves a problem and has the potential to disrupt the market, we encourage you to apply to our program.

Yes Infopace will take a small equity in the company. The exact equity is subjective to each startup and based on the level of support /value add received from Ipreneur Startup Accelerator.

Absolutely! The Ipreneur Startup Acceleration program is open to startups from all locations, as long as the team can travel to Bangalore few times based on the need. Otherwise, with our LMS the Startups can participate in our Acceleration program from any remote part of the world.

Ipreneur has successfully organized the 12-week program into three stages: MVP, Growth, and Investment
MVP Growth Investment
  • Problem statement analysis
  • GAP analysis
  • Validation of the right team structure
  • Pivot lab (if needed)
  • Market penetration
  • Market development
  • Product expansion
  • Market segmentation
  • Alternative channels
  • Scrutiny of financial documents
  • Submission of missing financial documents
  • Discussion with financial team
  • Investment and signing of term sheet

The Ipreneur Accelerator program is designed to help revenue-stage startups achieve three valuable outcomes in just 12 weeks. The first outcome is growth, where participating startups should experience a surge in their growth trajectory and gain strong evidence of product-market fit.
The second outcome is linkup, where the program provides access to a vast network of mentors, specialists, and growth partners across various verticals and domains to help startups solve challenges on the go. This network is designed to provide startups with a wide range of resources and support to help them succeed.
The third outcome is investment, as the program recognizes the importance of funding to achieve success. The program partners with the right set of investors who not only bring investment to the table but also add value to the startups. With this approach, startups can receive the right dose of capital at the right time to help them achieve their potential in a time-bound manner.

Yes, Ipreneur understands that many startups may need to travel to Bangalore to participate in the program, whenever necessary and we are happy to arrange any necessary accommodations during their stay. This includes arranging coliving spaces or other office facilities for meetings, as well as helping to secure suitable accommodations such as PG or other accommodation options.
Our team is dedicated to ensuring that participating startups have a smooth and stress-free experience during their time with us. We will work closely with each startup to understand their specific needs and provide personalized support throughout the program.

At Ipreneur, we offer various SEBI-approved funds, as well as our own in-house fund, the Infowise Startup Catalyst Fund, which is valued at $5 million. Additionally, we have partnered with other investment firms such as Springforth Capital Advisors, which has a value of $25 million, and the SEA Fund, which is valued at $3 million.
Our partnerships with multiple investor networks provide startups with access to a variety of investment opportunities, making the investment process more seamless and efficient. We understand that securing funding is crucial to a startup's success, and our goal is to help connect entrepreneurs with the right investors who not only bring investment to the table but also add value to the business.