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  • +1(123) 456 567

  • support@copious.com

  • Manhattan Hall,

  • Copious Melbourne, New Yourk

  • 08:00 - 16:30

  • Monday to Saturday


  • 1. How much funding will I receive at the end of the acceleration program?

    • The business can expect to get funding of a minimum $ 50k to $ 1 million if you complete the program successfully. We have limited seats for this Winter season and we expect most of the participants to be able to raise funding post completion of the program

  • 2. What are the fees for the acceleration program? What does it include?

    • The fees for the acceleration program is Rs.1Lakh + GST for a business team.

      The program covers:

      a) The founder and two other team members (Total 3 members) will move into the InfoPace office at Ashirwad Towers, Vyalikaval, Bangalore-450023.

      b) The team will be put into a structured program for 12 weeks for 5 days 10 am 8 pm

      c) The team will receive free credit and boosters from AWS, Microsoft, etc worth Rs.20000

  • 3. Is there any scholarship available?

    • Yes. The Selection panel will decide if a well-deserving startup with an exceptional idea will receive a scholarship for the program. The decision of the selection panel will be final and binding.

  • 4. What kind of startups can apply?

    • The Ipreneur Acceleration program is domain agnostic. We are happy to consider any idea from across domains which solve a problem in the marketplace.

  • 5. Will Infopace take stock in my company?

    • Yes. This is an option to be discussed with the teams on case to case basis. When the team successfully raises funds from investors/ government, upon mutual understanding, Infopace will take a small single-digit stake in the company. The idea is to continue helping the business succeed by being a minority stakeholder in the growth journey. Post the acceleration program the team will receive continued support from Ipreneur with culture and strategy building, technology, refining the teams thought process and investing our expertise in creating a strong sustainable foundation for your organisation

  • 6. Do I have to be in Infopace office for the entire 12 weeks?

    • Yes. We require the founder and the team to be based on-site for the program. The team will significantly benefit from the inhouse experience because you can take advantage of the uniquely curated program with the opportunity for networking, peer support, coaching and development. The Accelerator program is a major commitment from both the participants and Ipreneur and we will work to achieve accelerated growth together with this.

  • 7. My startup is not based in Bangalore. Can I apply?

    • Yes, as long as the team is prepared to come to Bangalore and invest by being physically present for 12 weeks of the program

  • 8. What happens in the Ipreneur Accelerator Program?

    • The Ipreneur program helps revenue stage startups achieve 3 valuable outcomes in 12 weeks

      - Growth In these 3 months, the business should be on the path to 3x to 5x growth and get strong evidence of product-market fit.

      - Linkup We have empanelled a large number of Mentors, Specialists and Growth Partners across verticals and domains to help the business solve challenges on the go

      - Investment Any idea needs the right dose of capital at the right time to help it achieve its potential in a time-bound manner. The business needs to be partnered with the right set of investors who not only bring investment to the table but also add value to the Business.

  • 9. Where do I stay during the Ipreneur Accelerator Program?

    • During the 12 weeks, the team will have to find their accommodation on their own. Infopace may be able to suggest a few good options.

  • 10. What are the investment options available?

    • Ipreneur accelerator program has a consortium of Investors comprising of 3 SEBI Accredited investment funds, HNIs and also private equity funds.